In 2008, the Duke Patient Safety Center was founded with the goal of enhancing the healthcare experience for patients, their families, and healthcare workers through quality improvement and addressing healthcare worker burnout.

Over ten years later, the Center has stayed true to its work and continued to enhance the healthcare experience for all involved. We’ve trained thousands of healthcare workers here at Duke and around the globe on the principles of teamwork, caregiver resilience, and more. We have also facilitated the establishment of patient and family advisory committees throughout the health system.

In 2018, we became the Duke Center for Healthcare Safety and Quality. Our new name and branding is a celebration of our expanded scope of work within the Duke University Health System (DUHS) and beyond.

The Duke Center for Healthcare Safety and Quality’s work can be categorized into two interconnected parts:

The THRIVE program is comprised of a variety of research projects, training and other initiatives focused on enhancing the healthcare experience through teamwork, communication, well-being, and research. The program aims to foster and support a culture of safety throughout healthcare that in turn leads to enhanced patient safety.

Our patient safety and clinical quality work connects us directly to the Duke University Health System’s priorities and needs. We work closely with the health system’s Quality and Safety Office in order to collaborate on education and outreach, advise on safety committees, and support patient safety strategic planning.

In addition, the Center is responsible for coordinating the annual Duke Health Quality and Safety Conference. This conference invites hundreds of healthcare workers from across all entities of Duke Health to downtown Durham, NC, to engage in discussions around quality improvement and patient safety.

Our Mission

The Center supports the mission, vision and values of Duke Health by delivering innovative educational opportunities, investigating novel research questions around quality and safety,  and creating safe and welcoming healthcare environments for staff, patients and their loved ones.

Duke Health Mission, Vision & Values

Duke Health Values of Excellence, Integrity, Teamwork, Respect, Innovation

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