Becoming a Well-Being Ambassador

Bethany Gallagher, a clinical nurse in the Orthopedics and Neurospine unit at Duke Raleigh Hospital, was asked to take on a new challenge: become a well-being ambassador for her team.

When she needed inspiration and tools for this project, Bethany turned to the Duke Center for Healthcare Safety and Quality’s Enhancing Caregiver Resilience course, which prepares participants to become well-being ambassadors for their teams.

After attending the course, Bethany was ready to enact an evidence-based implementation plan. First, she looked at the data to understand the issues her particular team was dealing with. Balancing the well-being needs of her team with the time constraints of a busy workplace, Bethany decided on two, quick-and-easy resilience tools: Three Good Things and Random Acts of Kindness.

For Three Good Things, Bethany asked staff to write down something that was going well for them in their day. At shift change, the positive comments were shared with the entire team, beginning and ending everyone’s day on an uplifting note.

Bethany Gallagher, Duke Raleigh nurse, stnads with well-being bulletin board
Bethany Gallagher, RN, BSN, ONC, CN II, stands with an interactive bulletin board she built to improve her team’s well-being. Those who delivered a random act of kindness “planted a seed” on the left side of the board, and those who were the recipient of a kind act “watched it grow” by posting a flower on the right side.

For Random Acts of Kindness, Bethany built a colorful, themed board that both inspired team members to make kind gestures to others and showcased the appreciation of those who received them.

After three months, the results were impressive. Post-implementation surveys showed immense improvements in both staff burnout scores and patient experience scores. In addition, the team overwhelmingly voted to continue using the Three Good Things Tool after the project period ended.

Duke Health team members like Bethany and her coworkers at the Duke Raleigh Orthopedics and Neurospine unit demonstrate what it means to live by our shared Duke values of caring for our patients, their loved ones, and each other. Thank you for being an inspiration to us all!

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