Resilience Courses

We bring our research directly to the classroom

Join us for courses in patient safety leadership and caregiver resilience, where we will cover topics from burnout to mindfulness, safety culture to quality improvement.

“[Center Director] Bryan Sexton really opened my eyes to self examine myself as a person. Even if I think I have had a bad day at work. If look hard enough. I could still see the positives that I may have overlooked. I will definitely google this man.”
-Course Attendee

Attendees will  leave our classes with a broader understanding of how we can help ourselves and each other thrive. In addition, we will equip you with a variety of evidence-based, practical tools that can be used immediately by you and your team.

Our courses include:

  • Enhancing Caregiver Resilience (2-day)
  • Enhancing Caregiver Resilience (1-Day Essentials)

Enhancing Caregiver Resilience
Burnout & Quality Improvement Full Course
2 day course with a 2 hour follow-up webinar

Location through May 2020: University Tower
3100 Tower Blvd, 17th Floor, Durham, NC, 27707
Location after May 2020: Croasdaile Country Club
3800 Farm Gate Ave, Durham, NC 27705

2019 Dates (click on a date to register):
November 4 & 5, 2019

2020 Dates (click on a date to register)
January 27 & 28, 2020
May 5 & 6, 2020
September 22 & 23, 2020
November 10 & 11, 2020

Course Description:
Before we care about quality, we have to care about our work, and before we can care about our work, we have to take better care of ourselves.  The growing consensus in the peer reviewed literature is that burnout levels in healthcare workers are reaching the breaking point.  Quality improvement efforts frequently ignore the need to make sure that caregivers are ready for the next big initiative, and rarely do they first build up the resilience of staff before expecting even higher levels of quality and safety to be delivered.

For some, jumping into innovation is a reasonable first step.  But for many individuals and work units, there needs to be a focus on the caregivers, and their needs, to build capacity and bounce back from burnout, before providing the training and the tools to improve quality in a sustainable way.

The Enhancing Caregiver Resilience course is designed to meet the needs of our patient safety and quality improvement communities. The course is designed for caregivers in formal or informal leadership roles, but participants include executives, staff physicians, and nurses.

In this course, we provide participants with real-time feedback on burnout, depression, health behaviors, human limitations and human nature. Participants are given protected time to practice, and to work on themselves and their units. This is an intense and rewarding experience for participants, full of self reflection, validation, coaching, and recharging those nearly-dead batteries.

See a brief video about this course by Dr. Bryan Sexton

Enhancing Caregiver Resilience Essentials (1 Day)

Location: University Tower
3100 Tower Blvd, 17th Floor, Durham, NC, 27707

Dates (click on a date to register):
September 17, 2019
April 7, 2020

Course Description:
This is a special course at the Duke Patient Safety Center. Based on our 2 Day course, this primer on Resilience covers 5 modules: prevalence and severity of burnout, fatigue management, mindfulness techniques, dealing with difficult colleagues, and coping with change. Enlightening, Refreshing, Interactive, and Entertaining are the most common descriptors of this course. Tune in, charge up, and go forward.

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