Guided Resources at Duke

These focused support resources involve contact with a well-being expert and come in a variety of forms from various departments.

Caring for Each Other (CEO) Team

Available at Duke University Hospital
Provide real-time response for teams and individuals who have been exposed to a distressing event in the course of their work. The CEO team can be activated through their pager 919-206-9785, through the SRS system, and through the Mortality Safety Review.

Chaplain Services

Available at all 3 Duke hospitals
Multi-faith support for all team members, including advice on ethical issues and emotional support.

Conversations with Colleagues

Available to all Duke University faculty, students, and staff
Group sessions led by licensed Duke social workers. Peers can come together in virtual spaces to emotionally support each other on topics ranging from fatigue and work/life balance to racial justice.

Train the Host sessions are available for teams that want to host ongoing or tailored conversations COVID Fatigue, Child Care Issues or Racial Justice.
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For Duke University Hospital Employees
The Caring for Each Other Team has collaborated with Conversations with Colleagues to host COVID Conversations, a place where Duke University Hospital employees can meet virtually for emotional support.

Looking for more opportunities on the topic of racial justice? Take a deeper dive with a new multi-week, cohort-based program in spring 2021 that will deepen your knowledge of racial justice and guide you towards action steps.
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Koru Mindfulness

Available to all Duke University faculty, students, staff, and alumni
An evidence-based program developed right here at Duke, Koru Mindfulness teaches mindfulness and meditation as a way to reduce stress and anxiety. Virtual sessions available.

Personal Assistance Service (PAS) and its equivalents

Available to all of Duke Health; choose the appropriate entity number below
Confidential and free short-term counseling with licensed professionals. Virtual and in-person available.

  • Duke University Hospital: 919-416-1727
  • Duke Raleigh Hospital: Chaplain Services 919-812-7972 or Employee Assistance Program 1-800-327-2251
  • Duke Regional Hospital: Call operator and ask for Chaplain on-call 919-470-4000 (1115) OR call Employee Occupational Health 919-470-5350 OR call PAS 919-416-1727
  • Private Diagnostic Clinic well-being line 919-681-1631 or PAS 919-416-1727
    Duke Primary Care: well-being line 919-681-1631 or PAS. If Wake County: Employee Assistance Program 1-800-327-2251
  • Duke HomeCare & Hospice: well-being line 919-681-1631 or PAS 919-416-1727

Validation Station

Available to Duke students, residents, and fellows in a health profession
Validation Station is a safe and confidential space where residents and fellows who are underrepresented in medicine (URiM) can share their experiences, receive support and connect with their peers. Validation Station meets Thursdays at 7 p.m. on Zoom; email Paulina Ruiz for more information.


Not finding what you’re looking for? We also have self-directed resources and ways to connect you with mental health specialists.