The Office of Wellness and Well-Being

at the Duke Center for Healthcare Safety and Quality

In close partnership with wellness and well-being experts from across Duke and beyond, The Center for Healthcare Safety and Quality is supporting team members at Duke Health and Duke University by:

  • Creating a digital hub for resources, tools, education and events on wellness and well-being.
  • Proposing and advocating for improvements to the overall team member experience.
  • Supporting a holistic concept of wellness and well-being that aims to create a just, sustainable, healthy, safe, and positive work environment for all.

For example, our recent efforts include:

How the Duke Well-Being Pyramids Work

The Pyramids help you navigate our extensive collection of well-being offerings, from toolkits to help lines, with a simple visual. If you’d like some tailored support, our Decision Aid will give you a personalized starting point.
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Just a few of the many resources you’ll find while navigating our Well-Being Pyramid webpages include:

Our Wellness and Well-Being Partners

Our work to enhance the team member experience would not be possible without our expert partners, including:


The Duke Health wellness and well-being efforts represent another step toward Healthy Duke