Mental and Emotional Well-Being

Video and Audio

Bite-Sized Resilience
Short (less than 5 minute) videos taught by Dr. Bryan Sexton. Topics include Gratitude and Coping with Stress.

Guided Meditations
Led by Duke University faculty, students, and staff.

Enhancing Caregiver Resilience Webinar Series
24 webinars on well-being taught by experts at the Duke Center for Healthcare Safety and Quality.
Part of Duke? Access them for free here.
Not part of Duke? See our registration options.

Stamina During Difficult Times (Duke login required)
A series of short modules presented by Sanne Henninger of the Duke Private Diagnostic Clinic.

Well-Being on LinkedIn Learning (Duke login required)
Curated list of courses compiled by Duke Personal Assistance Services. Free to Duke team members.

The Shame Conversation
A project led by Duke Dr. Will Bynum that aims to promote open engagement around shame and other challenging emotions.

Recorded Webinar: Self-Compassion and Well-Being Resources
Presentation by Dr. Jon Bae, Dr. Carrie Adair, and Matthew Ryan from 12/2/20.

Recorded Webinar: Stress Management and Asking for Help
Duke School of Medicine/Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences Town Hall, 7/1/20.

Recorded Webinar: Stop, Breathe, and Connect Mindfulness Exercise
Taught by Kerry Little from Duke Private Diagnostic Clinic, 3/13/20.

Tools & Toolkits

Resilience Tools
Designed by well-being experts at the Duke Center for Healthcare Safety and Quality. Text- or email-based interventions you can complete in minutes a day. Topics include Three Good Things, Self-Compassion, Positive Reflections, and more.

Coping with Stress during COVID-19
Website by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

COVID-19 Resource Guide for Parents and Families
Created by a multidisciplinary team from the Duke Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, the Duke Child and Family Study Center, Duke Human Resources, and the Duke Center for Healthcare Safety and Quality.

Resources for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder & Their Families
Compiled by the Duke Center for Autism and Brain Development.

Teamwork Toolkit
This toolkit is designed to help you identify concrete strategies to improve and enhance your team.

Provider Grief Toolkit and Matters of Grief Resources
Dynamic web tool compiled by Duke Palliative Care, the Duke Bereavement Advisory Council, and the Duke Center for Healthcare Safety and Quality.
View recordings from the November 2020 Matters of Grief Symposium.

Duke Health & Well-Being: Tools for Resiliency
Mindful awareness, chair yoga, three good things, and more.

Duke Health & Well-Being: Well-Being Resources for Hospital Workers
Pocket Skills, wellness guides, and digital resources.

Well-Being Toolkit
From the Center, Duke Human Resources, and Healthy Duke. Learn why well-being matters, what you can do to create a culture of well-being, and what ongoing resources are available at Duke to support you.

Coronavirus-Related Resources from National Health Organizations
Listing of major national health organizations and their COVID-19 support pages.

Posters, Flyers and Tip Sheets

Coping Card
Quick tips to reduce stress and feel better in the moment.

Chair Yoga
Designed by Duke Integrative Medicine. A quick, pocket-sized reference card with simple seated stretches.

Caring for Yourself
Simple self-care tips to incorporate into your day.
Electronic Flyer with Links
Printable Flyer
Graphic for Newsletters and Slide Shows

Daily Moments of Well-Being in Meetings and Huddles
With just a few minutes, you can incorporate well-being into your meetings.

Going Home Checklist
Take a few mindful moments to reset before heading home.
11 x 17 Size
8.5 x 11 Size
Microsoft PowerPoint Slide

Happiness Strategies
Learn simple ways to enhance positivity and bring joy into your day.

Zoom Fatigue
9 tips for addressing the drain of long hours of web conferencing.

Additional mental and emotional well-being resources are available on the Duke University well-being support page, the Duke University Coronavirus- Support page, and the the Healthy Duke website.