Team Training and TeamSTEPPS™ Courses

The Duke Team Training Program strives to take your medical team to the next level of performance through proven teamwork and communication strategies.  Teams that communicate effectively and support each other enhance efficiency and reduce the potential for error, improving safety, performance, and clinical outcomes.

As teamwork skills are not innate and must be learned, the goal of Duke’s TeamSTEPPS-based program is to introduce and reinforce teachable and learnable skills that produce highly effective and adaptable medical teams.  The tools taught in the course are rooted in more than three decades of research in high-risk, high-reliability industries.

Through a blend of didactic and interactive sessions, Duke’s expert team trainers bring to life the practical tools and strategies of leadership, communication, situation monitoring, mutual support, and change management.  We offer a range of courses for inter-professional learners at all levels, from students to organizational leaders, seeking to master the knowledge and behaviors fundamental to team-based care delivery.

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