Research. Teach. Learn. Implement.

Our learning opportunities are powered by evidence-based research from our renowned faculty and staff. Courses are led by the researchers themselves, who present on the latest findings from the field and their own work.

Our courses invite learners from the Duke community, from other healthcare institutions, states and countries.

Our goal is to not only provide an engaging learning environment for topics with personal and professional relevance, but also to teach learners how to be champions of resilience, well-being, teamwork, quality and safety in their own place of work.

  • “Everything was great and I was engaged in learning at all times. Time seemed to fly by because I was so interested in the ways we can learn to use the tools and carry back to our units.”
  • – course attendee

Resilience Courses
Well-Being Webinars
Safety Leadership Courses
Teamwork Courses
Evidence-Based Practice Workshop
Professionalism Courses